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Goldenland Methoni - Real Estate - Construction Office - Asimakis Tassos - Katsapis Vangelis - Methoni Messinias

Goldenland Methoni is the new force in the world of construction in Messinia. Based in Methoni and with the imminent prospect of emerging as the leading construction company in the region, Goldenland Methoni brings a fresh approach of innovation and professionalism to every project it undertakes.

The main principle that guides our activity is area awareness. With an in-depth consumer profile of Methoni and Finikounta, as well as the surrounding areas, we know the particularities of the area and the needs of its residents. This allows us to offer customized solutions that meet the wishes and expectations of our customers.







Another point that sets us apart is the close partnerships we have developed with engineers, builders and construction crews in the region over decades. These relationships have allowed us to build a network of professional partners who are ready to work together for the success of any project we undertake.

At Goldenland Methoni, we undertake property construction for clients who wish to find and build their ideal home. We undertake the planning, permits, engineering studies and the actual construction, ensuring that the end result will reflect the wishes and dreams of each client.


If you wish to build your ideal home in Messinia, contact us today to discuss your needs and desires and begin the journey towards building your dream.

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